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Methyl p-tolyl sulfo Update Time: 2007-7-31
Methyl p-tolyl sulfone Molecualr formula:C8H1002S Molecular weight:170.2 Structural formula: Melting point: 85—88 centigradeMoisture: 0.2% minSolubility: insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol , aether, a raw material of thiamphenicol an...
Dimethyl sulfate Update Time: 2007-7-31
Dimethyl sulfateMolecular Formate:(CH3)2SO4 Molal Weight:126.13Physicochemical property: Colorless oiliness inflammable liquid, dissolve in aether and acetone. Belong to aromatic hydrocarbon, slightly soluble in carbon bisulfide...
Calcium formate Update Time: 2007-7-31
Calcium formate(contact; duanlongke at formula: Ca(HCOO)2 Molecular Weight:130.0 Physicochemical property: White crystalline powder, slightly moisture absorption, bitter. medium properties, non...
Nitromethane Update Time: 2007-7-28
Nitromethane Molecular Formate:CH3NO2 Molal Weight:61Physicochemical property: Colorless transparent liquid, water solvents with PH value less than 7, soluble in water and ethanol.Density: 1.14Boiling point :101.2 centigrade Freezing point: -29 centi...
Hydroxylamine Hcl Update Time: 2007-7-28
Hydroxylamine hydrochlorideMolecular Formate.:NH2OH HClMolal Weight:69.5Physicochemical property: White crystal, easy deliquescence, dissolve in water, ethanol, glycerin, undissolve in aether.Specific gravity:(17centigrade)1.67Melting point:152centig...
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